Mini Hydro


We are reliable partner for integrated and customised small hydro turnkey solutions. We provides comprehensive solutions for small hydro plants and dams. We develop, build, operate, owns, finance and maintain.

Leks Environmental will meet with you and evaluate initial project opportunity to determine the best manner in which to further evaluate project site. From preliminary to detailed feasibility study, including hydrologic and hydraulic evaluations, estimates of annual energy production, geotechnical investigations, project concepts, estimates of probable construction… Do you have a prospective site, it helps to understand the hydropower fundamentals of head and flow .

What is head?

Hydropower all comes down to head and flow. The amount of power, and therefore energy that you can generate is proportional to the head and the flow Head is the change in water levels between the hydro intake and the hydro discharge point. It is a vertical height measured in metres. Do you have a non-seasonal flowing stream or a river in your village or communities? Do you know the vertical height called…. Head and the quantity of water flowing called “Flow rate” Once you submit a request, we do detailed feasibility and then give an obligation free assessment of your site. The next is so set up hydro power plant within 5 months.