Mini Grid


Clean Energy Mini Grid based off-grid electrification is to enhance electricity access in Nigeria and in the West Africa sub region, a viable and cost effective route to electrification in communities where the distance from the grid is too large and the population density too low to economically justify a grid connection.

Mini Grids have a central power source, typically sun, water, wind or bio gas and a distribution of network that provides electricity to a village or cluster of villages.

Moreover, Mini Grids provide an enhanced service where there are epileptic power supply in urban areas too especially within the healthcare, higher education, government, businesses and the military base.

We are knowledgeable and experience solar mini grid developers. We develop, build, owns, finance, operate and maintain clean energy mini grids. We evaluate existing energy infrastructure of our clients, model their energy usage patterns and analyse the financial implication of hybrid mini-gridding all or part of.

Some clients apply the mini grid to only its critical infrastructures and subsequently expand the system as time and capital allows.


  • Government
  • Rural Communities
  • Colleges and Universities
  • The Military
  • Commercial and Industrial Sector
  • The Police
  • Hospital and Health Care Centres

We have skill-set of professionals with decades of experience and expertise, with a long standing commitment to creative and collaborative environment and clean energy solutions. Leks Environmental offers end-to-end capabilities for clean energy mini grid feasibility, design, engineering, construction, finance, operations and maintenance. We are committed to providing our clients with solutions to their clean energy needs. We have gathered the people, technology and systems necessary to meet that commitment.