Solar Solution

Solar home systems are small solar systems which provide energy access to private users and small businesses independently from the public grid.

Solar home systems can be designed as AC- or DC-Systems. DC-Solar Home Systems consist of one or more solar modules, a charge controller and a battery and power DC-consumers, while AC-Solar Home Systems include an inverter and power AC-consumers.

Usually Solar Home Systems supply electric consumers such as lights, radios, TVs and refrigerators. Many of these electric consumers are available as energy efficient DC-consumers especially designed to be fed by solar home systems.

Leks designs, delivers and installs solar home systems where needed together with DC or AC energy efficient consumers.


Grid-injecting solar systems, using a feed-in tariffs, inject the energy they are producing into the public electricity grid. The price which the network operator pays per KWh to the owner of the solar system is different in every country and often subsidised by the local government within a feed in tariff. Feed in tariffs exist in most European countries, but not yet in Nigeria.

In countries which do not offer a feed-in tariff yet, like Nigeria, the concept of self-consumption allows the economic operation of solar systems. In this concept, all the energy produced by the solar system is used by the owner of the solar system who in return reduces his energy bill.

A mixture of both stated concepts is the concept of net metering. Net metering (where allowed by the national energy utility) allows the owners of grid connected solar systems to inject access energy during the day into the public grid. The system owner does not receive a tariff for the injected kWh. Instead his energy meter is turning backwards, when injecting into the grid.

Whether you are planning the purchase of a rooftop solar system on your private house, a solar system of 100 KWp or more on an industrial area or even the installation of a MW large scale power plant: we plan, project and install your system at very attractive conditions. Leks has great experience with grid connected solar systems in developing markets.
Most remote areas in Nigeria do not have access to the public electricity grids. In these areas the only way to power industrial consumers, mines, hospitals, small towns or tourism facilities are diesel grids. Over 30.000 diesel grids of more than 0.5MW are operated only in Nigeria.

As the price of diesel constantly rises over the last years, solar system prices decrease constantly. Due to the world market prices for oil, high transportation and maintenance costs; the production costs per kWh from diesel grids in Nigeria, are incredibly high.

Extending existing or new diesel grids with solar systems are a perfect way to decrease the production costs per kWh. The recent development of intelligent system techniques allows an excellent integration of solar systems into diesel grids. In many areas the payback time of the solar systems (depending on the load profile and share of solar PV) is between two and four years.

Leks designs and implements solar systems for diesel grid extensions.
The development of the worldwide telecommunication sector is impressing. For example more than 4 billion people are using mobile phones worldwide today. The highest gross rates in the telecommunications sector are found in the Nigeria markets.

In order to provide telecom services all over the country, telecom providers must install telecom antennas in every area, nationwide. Keeping in mind that only 5-10% of the countries areas are covered by the public grid; most of the telecom antennas depend on power supply by diesel generators.

Diesel generators cause many disadvantages! They are expensive in means of maintenance and use of diesel. Shortage of diesel and transport to the antenna stations causes additional problems. Topmost, diesel generators are interference prone. In case of power interruption, not only one antenna fails, but great parts of the mobile communications network are out of service until the power supply is restored.

A Solar System is the perfect solution to guarantee secure power supply to telecom antennas in remote areas! Leks offers reliable power supply solutions based on German engineering for telecom providers on the Nigeria markets at a very competitive price.
Solar street lights consist of a battery, one or two solar modules, a charge regulator and a special SOX lamp which delivers very bright light even at 18, 26 or 36 Watts.

Solar street lights are especially suggestive for streets far away from the public electricity grid. Without depending on the public grid, they deliver light throughout the night in a very reliable way. For special applications, we offer solar LED-Streetlights as well.

Our street lights are reliable, maintenance free, programmable to the specific needs of our clients and price-wise competitive.

All our streetlights are designed taking into account the specific requirements of your project in your geographic region, such as statics, wind and irradiation.

The Leks engineers' team has designed thousands of solar street lights always optimised for the local climatic conditions of the installation site and adjusted for the specific needs of our clients.
Human existence and business prosperity in remote locations depend on the availability of clean water to people, livestock and crops. In many parts of the world reliable power supply is just as problematic as the supply of water. Leks' solar pumping systems are the ideal solution by providing both; water and the power needed to fuel the pump system.

Based on renewable energy sources our systems combine state-of-the-art pump technology with sustainable energy efficient solutions to provide reliable water supply. This allows remote locations with little or no access to water and electricity affordable clean water. As our solar pumping systems pump the water directly with the power produced by the solar modules, no batteries are needed. Solar pumping systems are therefore very cost effective, compared to diesel pumping systems.

Our solar pumping systems are customised solutions, designed in accordance with the total head of your well and the daily water volume needed. Inform us about your project location, your water table depth and estimated quantity of water volume needed per day. By analysing location specific variables, we will design the system according to your application and local conditions.

Installation Process

Leks has simplified energy upgrade and solar installation process by utilizing a dedicated and highly experienced project manager to guide you through out our seamless process.

Professional Consultation:

We will schedule an appointment to come to your home or office for audit to make sure solar is the right solution for you. Our technicians will also check to make sure your home is properly sealed and insulated.


We will design a unique solar system for your home, office, industry and community that maximizes energy production, send you a drawing for your approval. Shoot us a mail at